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  • Sound analysis of data and systems to ensure a robust and effective integrity program.
  • Tools, templates, policies and procedures to document the integrity program’s plan, risk assessments, and auditing and monitoring practices.
  • Integration of privacy and security rule concepts to fulfill HIPAA and HITECH requirements.
  • Automated employee exclusion checks made monthly, for all employees, not just new hires, utilizing a centralized check system.
  • Automated third party Red Flag Reporting hotline system tailored to our industry.
    • Studies show that most whistle-blower complaints were initially reported in-house and were lost or ignored, prompting the subsequent whistle-blower action.
    • Anonymous system tracks complaints and provides reports to management to ensure all concerns are resolved in a timely manner, thus reducing the chance of whistleblower activity.
  • Employee training materials based upon position, which satisfy CMS requirements, and also ensure that key staff members are aware of hot topics targeted by the OIG.

FHS Facility Nursing Integrity Manual