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Defined by Culture

Foundations Health Solutions has a mission statement and core values that are unmatched in the healthcare industry. These core values are mottos that Foundations Health Solutions Employees exemplify within the care communities that they serve.

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The Defined by Culture Food Truck is the vision of our Executive Chef, Annita Bryant, and comes from living that culture of care each day. In 2022, Annita began traveling to different Ohio cities serving a meal to employees at Foundations Health Solutions Communities. Annita wanted to show appreciation to the front-line healthcare workers who care for our most precious population.

Annita has always had a passion for cooking and is amazingly talented in her craft. Her Residents and Employees know they are getting a treat on days that she cooks for them. Annita has always had a dream to own a food truck and because of her passion and commitment to the Culture of Care Foundations Health Solutions turned that dream into a reality.

Annita has a vision to take care of the Foundations Health Solutions Communities and to give back to the communities that they serve through a delicious hot meal. Annita will be partnering with each Foundations Health Solutions Community on what that looks like in their specific community. Annita is based out of Cincinnati and is partnering with local agencies that provide imperative support to the homeless and other underserved populations in Cincinnati.

In addition to being such a talented chef Annita is meticulously clean and has won six coveted “Clean Kitchen Awards” from Hamilton County Public Health. She will undoubtedly have that same level of cleaning as she takes the Defined by Culture truck out to serve Ohio.