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Customized programs tailored to specific needs of SNF's

Customized Programs
  1. Admissions website
    • Referral management and tracking
      1. Doc, hospitals, specialists, case managers
      2. Skilled/non skilled
      3. Volume per location/marketer/region
      4. Identify trends for admission/decline admission
    • Admissions process
      1. Consistent admissions process company-wide
      2. "Forces" admission process from beginning to end
      3. Accountability
        • Will not allow you to bypass mandated info
        • Time stamped/Employee stamped
      4. Requires clinical approval
    • Patient cost feature
    • Payer contracts are loaded in system
      1. Identifies facility contracts
      2. Identifies rates per contract per facility
      3. Produces admission form for all departments and identifies reimbursement structure
    • Admissions packet is built into the system
      1. Helps enforce compliance
      2. Always have the most updated forms/versions
        • Eliminates "email" notifications and potential risk with non-approved or outdated forms being used
      3. Clean packet - no need to make copies
      4. Auto populates names, dates, ect
      5. Opportunity to sign electronically
      6. Houses signed documents
  2. Competency Program
    • Develop consistent testing associated with current policies
    • Grades tests
    • Houses individuals performance and identifies area's that need more training, attention
      1. Develop new policies, role out to entire organization, tracks which employee's did/did not read the new policy or standard and tested
    • Reduced costs
      1. Travel/expense - reduces need to travel to train at individual facilities
      2. Documentation - houses documentation in one area, not to be misplaced, lost, ect.. Easily retrievable
      3. Unemployment - "I was never trained" - reduces opportunity for losses in unemployment
    • Compliance training completed globally
  3. Onboarding
    • Avatar lead onboarding program leads each new hire through the paperwork and compliance part of the onboarding process reducing
  4. WOTC processing
    • Avatar assisted automated system walks all new hires through a series of basic questions while filing in the necessary forms in the background.
    • System encourages employees to disclose past government assistance explaining how the program is designed to encourage employers to give more work to those who were previously on assistance
    • System imports payroll data and keeps track of entire WOTC process from new hire to eventual certification for tax credits
    • Automated notices are sent out to HM managers, benefits department and specified regional managers on an exception basis when important steps in the process are not completed for any employee in the specified deadline
    • Overall credits earned increase not only due to 100% compliance with the process, but also due the consistent manner in which the employee is asked the confidential questions, and due to the fact the employee is more likely to admit they were on government assistance to the Avatar rather to a dis-interested HR manager across the table
    • System automates submission of all necessary documents with the state and track and reports on credits earned