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Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Foundations Health Solutions seeks to create a team culture where every member knows their worth along with the importance of their role in the care of our patients. We honor a culture where we truly work together as a team with a dedication to service, care and compassion for those we serve. Simply put, our goal is to have the right people in the right places doing the right things for the right reasons.

Our Mission Statement announces to our employees and the world where we are going as a company. Our Core Values are the behaviors that we believe will get us there.

The following question was posed to our facility Administrators: 

If our Mission Statement can be summed up with the phrase “A Culture of Care,” what are the behaviors that, we as a company, need to exhibit on a daily basis to achieve this Culture?

The administrators answers to these questions are the Core Values spelled out below. We try and weave these Core Values into every aspect of our company. These are more than words on a page, they are a way of life for us.

Core Values

1. It’s never about the role, it’s always about the goal.
2. Do what is right, even when no one is watching.
3. Don’t find a problem, find a solution.
4. Our residents do not live in our workplace, we work in their home.
5. Be the reason that a resident smiled today, that a nurse went home on time, that a housekeeper had one less spill to clean up.
6. Make a difference… Every day.
7. Listen, then respond.
8. Feel empathy, show sincerity, provide dignity, experience prosperity.
9. Build a positive team and family atmosphere.
10. Work alongside your staff - sweep floors, pick up trash, serve trays, and earn their respect; don't expect it.
11. Walk the talk.
12. Treat a disease, you may win, you may lose. Treat a person, you’ll win, no matter what.