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Grandma, My Role Model

Bob Speelman and Michelle Grant

January 18, 2023
Michelle Grant is nothing less than AMAZING!

Michelle is 55 years old, has raised 8 beautiful and successful children, and we are blessed to have her on our care team at Veranda Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio. Michelle is a Nursing Assistant at Veranda and I had the pleasure of working alongside her yesterday. If God was creating the perfect caregiver the result would be Michelle. She is beyond caring and exudes love and compassion. Her residents and coworkers adore her. She never stops. When she was done with her rounds she went from room to room just checking on her residents.

Being a Nursing Assistant isn't Michelle's job, it’s her calling. I asked her when this passion for taking care of others started, and Michelle said, "I’ve loved taking care of people my whole life.” I asked her if there was anyone in particular that had a big influence on her life, and Michelle said, “Yes, my Grandma Maggie, she was a caregiver too, and I adored her. Everyone used to call me ‘Little Maggie’ because I was so much like her.” I asked Michelle if Maggie ever told her something that left an impact on her. Michelle said, “Oh yes. When I was young I used to be a hothead. Maggie said to me one day, ‘You will never keep a job being a hothead.’” Michelle said from that day forward, she was determined to change her ways.

Michelle told me that a few months after caring for a resident, the resident smiled at her and said, “Michelle, you are the most peaceful and kindest person I have ever met.” Michelle said that made my entire day, and it goes to show how much of an influence those words of my Grandma had on me.

“Grandmothers are voices of the past and role models of the present. Grandmothers open the doors to the future.”

- Helen Ketchum

Bob Speelman, STNA

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