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Spreading The Culture of Care

March 9, 2023
Every single member of our front-line teams gives their all to the part they play in providing the best quality of care to our residents. A few months back, two of Foundations' Dietary Managers created a plan to give back to their teams and fellow sister facilities in the way they knew best, a warm meal!

The day-to-day service that anyone working in healthcare provides, regardless of position, can often go unrecognized. Annita Bryant (The Home of Hearthstone) and DeAngelo Fordie (Taylor's Pointe) are both Dietary Managers at one of our skilled nursing facilities. They are both incredible cooks with the biggest hearts, and their favorite way to care for others is through food. The pair wanted to extend the services they provide daily to residents and Spread The Culture of Care to the teams of Foundations.

Once a month, Annita and DeAngelo have been visiting a different Foundations Health Facility to prepare a meal for the team as a token of appreciation. At each stop, the hosting Dietary Manager is asked to prepare a dessert to serve up alongside Annita and DeAngelo and the meal they made. At the end of every meal, the hosting Dietary Manager is invited to join Annita and DeAngelo on their journey as they Spread The Culture of Care to the next sister facility.

Sharing a meal with others brings us closer together and unites us. With each new stop to a Foundations Health Facility, more Dietary Managers are getting the opportunity to work together and serve their coworkers across the state.

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