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Putting Her Whole Heart In

Bob Speelman and Bonita Bryant-Reed

June 21, 2022
I spent the day with Bonita Bryant-Reed, an amazing Nursing Assistant at The Home at Hearthstone in Cincinnati, Ohio. Bonita will be turning 57 next month and has been a Nursing Assistant for more than 30 years. I asked Bonita how she became a Nursing Assistant, and she told me her and her best friend were working in a factory in Hamilton, Ohio, at the time. They both got fed up with working in a factory every day and how they were being treated as workers. They wanted to do something different and wanted to make a difference. So Bonita and her friend walked to the nearest nursing home and applied to be a Nursing Assistant, and both where hired. Now, after 30 years of caring for residents, her body may be a little more worn, but her love and passion have never been stronger. Bonita is truly making a difference.

Bonita told me that her mother, Yvonne King, was a Nursing Assistant and that she was just following in her mother's footsteps, making a difference by caring for those that can not care for themselves. Spending the day with Bonita was absolutely a pleasure.

Bonita is so kind and loving not only to her residents but to her care team members as well. Caring for others is something that definitely comes natural to Bonita.

Anita Bryant, Bob Speelman and Bonita Bryant-Reed

One of my favorite people in the whole world is Anita Bryant. Anita is the daughter of Bonita and the Dietary Manager at The Home at Hearthstone. Anita is an amazing cook and an amazing leader. She builds the most incredible teams everywhere she goes. In the past, when I asked Anita what the secret was to making her food taste so good, she responded, “You cook with love and from your heart, and it always tastes better.” I asked Bonita who was the better cook, and Bonita told me, “Who do you think taught her?” We laughed, and I told her that’s a really good answer!

The truth is, when you put your heart and love into anything you do, it always turns out amazing. That is why Bonita is such a good Nursing Assistant, and that is why her children have all turned out to be such amazing people as well.

Life is going to give you just what you put into it.

Put your whole heart in everything you do.

- Vivian Baxter

Bob Speelman, STNA

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