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Brian Colleran Recognizes 425 Years of Caregiver Service in Avon Nursing Home

December 22, 2018
To improve the state of long-term care in Ohio, Nursing Home Developer Brian Colleran has found the right mix - beautiful new and renovated facilities, and the expertise of seasoned caregivers. At Avon Place, a 4-star, skilled nursing facility specializing in short-term rehab and long-term care, residents and families find the perfect mix of a beautiful environment and long-term employees. From the beautiful new entrance to the new floors to the peaceful courtyard, Avon Place is a wonderful facility. However, this is only one part of what makes Avon Place so special.

"I'm blown away by the loyalty and commitment of these awesome people. 43 years serving the same community? That's a rarity these days," said Colleran, "Imagine what would happen If we could fill all of our nursing homes in Ohio with the loyalty you see at Avon Place."

In addition to Brian's commitment to developing beautiful nursing homes for the long-term care community, he spends his spare time mentoring nursing home leaders like Foundations Vice President of Business Development & Culture, Bob Speelman. After hearing of the incredible longevity of the staff at Avon Place, Colleran and Speelman met the staff at Avon Place, to learn from the people who know the most how to improve the aesthetics and functionality of skilled nursing facilities.

"These amazing people have taught me that true leadership comes from service rather than barking orders," said Speelman, "I never heard anyone saying 'Go do this or that,' instead everyone just jumped in when they saw a need."

Below you can find a list of years of service :
Eva Pacheo,  44
Eve Mueke,  44
Amber Graham,  41
Christine Wingo,  42
Joanna Wright,  31
Wanda Capers,  31
Constance Hughes,  30
William Pulliam,  29
Cathy Love,  28
Michelle Hill,  28
Tammy Messer,  24
Brandy Smith,  21
Brenda Dalton,  17
Carrie Chutes,  15

Avon Place is a beautiful 4-star nursing home in Avon, Ohio. To see if it is the right nursing home for you or your loved one, check out the link below.

Avon Place Website

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