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Hang it on Your Heart

Left to Right: Christina Trusty, Bob Speelman and Nicole Grove

November 4, 2022
How does a 99-bed nursing and rehabilitation center go from 20 residents to being full in just a few years? That’s exactly what happened at Austin Trace, our center in Centerville, Ohio, just outside of Dayton. It had 20 residents when we purchased it just two years ago and has filled up since then.

The reason?

They focused on our Foundations' Culture of Care and everything else just fell into place.

Our Mission Statement at Foundation is:

Foundations Health Solutions seeks to create a team culture where every member knows their worth along with the importance of their role in the care of our patients. We honor a culture where we truly work together as a team with a dedication to service, care and compassion for those we serve. Simply put, our goal is to have the right people in the right places doing the right things for the right reasons.

"A Culture of Care."

Some organizations simply have a mission statement to have one and it just hangs on a wall. At Foundations, our aim is to have it hang on our teams’ hearts. When that happens, we have successes like Austin Trace, and we have a lot of them.

Nicole Grove is a Nurse Practitioner and the Administrator at Austin Trace. She lives and breathes our Culture of Care. Christina Trusty is a Nursing Assistant, Scheduler, and part of the Management Team at Austin Trace. Listen to Christina Talk about what makes Austin Trace such a special place.

When you have a group of people passionate about providing care, who are there for the right reason, amazing things happen.

Those that are with us for rehabilitation are rehabilitated and able to go back home. Those that are with us because they can no longer live at home and take care of themselves are loved and cared for like they are family.

One person that Christina introduced me to while I worked with her at Austin Trace was William “Willie” Nelson. William is just one of many success stories at Austin Trace. Listen to his story.

Willie’s recovery is celebrated by the staff at Austin Trace. Everyone is working hard to get him home before Thanksgiving. When you have the right people in the right places doing the right things for the right reasons success is the result. When you have a mission statement that people believe in and a culture that they live by, success is always a byproduct.

If your mission statement doesn’t inspire you, get your people together and rewrite it till it does. When you are finished with it, don’t simply hang it on a wall. Hang it on your heart. You will be glad you did!

Bob Speelman, STNA

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