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Foundations Shows Support to Local Seniors

May 6, 2021
The need for community support is greater than ever as we continue to combat the effect that Covid has had on our neighbors and loved ones over the past year. We at Foundations Health are committed to a Culture of Care. A Culture of Care is the backbone of the attitude, fortitude, and drive to provide a product of care to the community both in and outside of our skilled nursing facilities. Wherever and whenever we can support our community Foundations Health will show up.

Friends of Foundations:

Friends of Foundations is a developing resource program in the Butler Co. area that donates a little sunshine to the elderly that live independently in the community but require support. We serve the elderly with "Baskets of Love" that may include cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, personal hygiene items, pantry items, or even a Foundations blanket. This community outreach is an opportunity to help meet our senior citizens' basic needs and offer resources while improving the quality of life in our local community. It's our way to honor and care for those who have cared for us.

Cheryl receiving her Basket of Love

Meet Cheryl. Cheryl lives in the community with the assistance of an independent living program (ILP) with Partners in Prime. She is one of many that Foundations Health has been able to support through outreach during the pandemic. Foundations dropped off some of our Baskets of Love to Partners in Prime for their senior network. These baskets included spring cleaning supplies and a book to give a little entertainment with some much-needed household items. The smiles said it all. Cheryl, along with other community members were thrilled to collect their Baskets of Love.

Culture of Care:

What we do with our Culture of Care defines who we are and extends beyond the walls of our nursing facilities. It permeates our communities and reaches out to the elderly we serve. The building blocks of our Culture of Care teach us that spreading love and kindness to those who need us is never wasted. They always make a difference. Those building blocks create Foundations and are what make us different.

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