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Admiring Their Work

Left to right: Kelly Johnson, Megan Wilson, Bob Speelman, Lauren Satterlee, and Pam West

April 11, 2019
My STNA journey this week took me to Saybrook Landing, our 99-bed facility in Ashtabula, Ohio. Kelly Johnson is the Administrator there and is doing a tremendous job leading the team. Pam West is the DON, I’ve known Pam for years, and she has a passion for long-term care, her residents and her care team.

One of those care team members is Megan Wilson. Megan is 29 years old, has an 11-year-old Daughter named Klohe. Megan’s face lit up when she talked about Klohe, she called her my “broke best friend.” Megan has been an STNA for 10 years and 6 ½ of those years have been at Saybrook. In those 6 ½ year’s Megan has called of 1 time due to a family emergency. I asked Megan about her commitment and dedication to her job. Megan’s response was profound, she said “you can have a job anywhere, this is my career. I want to make a difference, I want to make this my resident’s home, they need me, and I need them. They depend on me, and if I’m not here, I’m letting them down. On my days off they ask about me and care for me. They miss me, and I honestly miss them.” WOW! I was fighting back the tears hearing her talk with such passion about her career as a caregiver. This is our Culture of Care. It’s not a motto or a slogan. It’s lived out every day by our hardworking, compassionate team and I love them more and more every day.

Megan’s team member was Lauren Satterlee. Lauren had just finished nursing school and is waiting to take her nursing exam. Lauren was equally as loving and caring for the residents and Megan, and Lauren worked exceptionally well together. They would team up when they needed to assist each other with residents, and their communication was impressive to witness.

As we entered the resident’s rooms, it was like their granddaughters had come to see them. The residents would smile and were very happy to see them. Every room Megan and I would enter, Megan would introduce me to the residents and then begin telling me stories about each and every resident. Stories about how the resident and her husband met or how one resident ran off with a boy and got arrested in Oklahoma, and the resident’s mom had to come and bail her out of jail. One of the residents took me to see a resident who took up wood carving after he had a stroke. The resident told me that after the stroke he wanted to get better and still be able to do something. He told me the stories behind each and every one of his carvings in his room. He then had Megan get out his album from a drawer, and he had a picture of various other carvings he had done and how many hours it took him to carve. The sculptures were beautiful. As we admired them, the resident’s eyes began to well up with tears. Tears of joy that we had come to admire his work.

As I left Saybrook and thanked the staff for their love and dedication to our residents, my eyes too began to well up with tears. Tears of joy from being able to admire the work of this team of loving and compassionate caregivers.

“Making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world.”


Kelly, Pam, Megan and Lauren and the entire team at Saybrook – What you are doing is nothing short of amazing. In the words of a very smart STNA, “Anyone can have a job anywhere, this is your career.” It Shows! Keep changing the world!!

Bob Speelman, STNA

Saybrook Landing

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