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A Chapter Each Day

Left to Right: Pam Sulek, Aubrey Moore, Me, Belle Goodhart, Christina Goodhart

September 12, 2019
I worked with the most amazing young lady the other day. Her name is Belle Goodhart and she is an STNA at Emerald Pointe, our 64-bed facility in Barnesville. Aubrey Moore is the administrator there and Pam Sulek is the director of nursing. 

Belle began working in the dietary department at Emerald Pointe a few years back. As she worked there, she began to desire to be able to spend more time with the residents because she enjoyed her interaction with them, so she decided to become an STNA. 

In May of this year, she completed her training and officially became a state tested nursing assistant. Belle said, “I love caring for people and helping them.” I asked her if she was considering going on and becoming a nurse, and she said, “Yes, I’m still living at home and saving up to go to nursing school.”  

As we worked throughout the day, Belle’s loving interaction with the residents was amazing to witness. The residents smiled as she entered their rooms, she would give them hugs and talk about things of interest to them. As we would prepare to leave the rooms, many of them would call out to her and say, “Thank you, honey!”  

Belle is a natural caregiver. This is her calling. I asked her where she felt this passion for caregiving and helping others came from and who she looked up to. Belle said, “My mom and dad.” She went on to tell me that her dad works as a machinist, and they also have a small cattle farm that they all help run. Her dad is also a volunteer with the local fire department and EMS.

Belle then began to talk about her mom and how she is such an amazing example of a Christian woman. She told me, “If I end up being half the woman my mom is, I will be an amazing person.”

It became apparent after hearing Belle talking about her parents, exactly where her caring and loving attitude came from. From the day she was born, she had been shown it. Belle’s mom, Christina Goodhart, is the wound nurse at Emerald Pointe and everyone rave’s about her, just like they rave about Belle!

“You are writing a Gospel, 

 A chapter each day,

 By deeds that you do, 

 By words that you say.


 Men read what you write,

 Whether faithless or true;

 Say, what is the Gospel

 According to you?”

 - Paul Gilbert

Bob Speelman, STNA

Emerald Pointe

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